Sunday, December 29, 2013

About "My Month in a Photo"

"My Month in a Photo" will be a photograph that I took that I believe captures my month in a picture. They say "a picture's worth a thousand words," so how best is it to tell the story of my month through a photograph that I captured? Each photo will be accompanied by a brief story that describes the photo's importance.

About "Coffee Shop Thought"

On every-other Thursday, I will bring to you "Coffee Shop Thought." These post will be topics for you to think about when you are drinking your morning coffee, whether it is at home, work, school, or in the coffee shop.
Similar to "Food for Thought," Coffee Shop Thought Thursday will give you something to think about and interact with my blog as you consider my bi-weekly thought.

About "Headlines"

"Headlines" are where i will bring to you the current events that I feel are important to write about. I will also be posting articles that I wrote for my journalism classes. I will also write editorials in response to current events.

About "Ramblings"

The "Ramblings" category is where I will post all the miscellaneous topics that don't fit in anywhere else. Things such as college tips, life on campus, product reviews, and topics of discussion will be posted here.

About Writing STYLE

"Writing STYLE" has nothing to do with tone, perspective, and attitude like you learned in English class back in high school, but actual style. This little play-on-words category will provide you with nail designs, fashion ideas, hair styles, and other beauty tips that I have to offer.

Some potential topics include: product reviews, "revamp your closet," and "what am I wearing?"

About "Weekly Quote"

"Weekly Quote" is where I will give you my favorite quotes that I find inspirational and motivational. At the beginning of each week I will post a new quote that has some sort of meaning and also give a little reflection on how the quote can be meaningful in our lives.

About "Craft Break"

"Craft Break" is where you will find my latest crafts and artistic creations. I will provide you with inspiration, tutorials, and images of my projects so that you can try them yourself, or even make your own version of it!

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