Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sochi 2014: The Winter Olympics


Hello everyone! I am finally back on! I have been so behind on posts because of school work and activities. I should not have committed to posting every day, so i do apologize for that. I should also say that I do not have much time to post today, either, but I know I should not skip out for another day!

So onto today's post! The Olympics are underway in Sochi and many talented athletes are bringing home the gold, silver, or bronze for their country. The Netherlands is in the lead with five gold, five silver, and seven bronze. Russia trails in second with four gold, seven silver, and five bronze. The United States follows behind in third with four gold, four silver, and eight bronze (NBC Olympics).

I know there has been a lot of news over the United States not performing as well as expected, but I do not think that is something worth dwelling over. I think the athletes are all trying their best, even if that does not mean a spot on the podium. I congratulate each and every one of the Olympians for their dedication to even make it to the Games, and that is an accomplishment in itself.

I will keep updates of the Games coming as I can!
--The Informed Artist

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