Monday, February 3, 2014

My Month in a Photo: January 2014

Wow has the beginning of February already been busy! I have had my first installation of "My Month in a Photo" ready to go, but I didn't get it posted on the last day of the month because I was at a synchronized swimming competition until late yesterday. However, it is here now! I call this one "Feeling the Chill."
Feeling the Chill
I think this picture most accurately represents January, I mean with the Polar Vortex, and all. Also because of the freezing cold temperatures down here on campus. I have heard that it has not been this cold here in 20 years! Because they have not experienced this cold in a while, the buildings have not been equipped with the best heating systems. I am not talking about the classrooms though, I'm talking about the dorms! We had no heat in my room when temperatures were dropping well below 0. So basically, I was freezing.
This picture is a perfect way to represent the chill that I felt all January long, with the frost clinging to the window, and I hope that it does not continue into February.
--The Informed Artist

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