Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coffee Shop Thought: Coming Soon!

Happy Thursday everyone! I am getting ready to begin posting Coffee Shop Thought Thursdays. I will post bi-weekly thoughts to reflect on and respond to. My goal is that you will participate with comments and share what you think.

Now for an update on the progress of my blog:
Starting a new blog is a challenge, but I am so ecstatic that I have reached over 500 viewers in my startup month. You are the reason why I want to keep delivering great content, and I am slowly getting my blog on track. It has been difficult with my busy schedule, but I am dedicated to get my blog content up and running.

Right now, I am working on designing logos to make my content identifiable. I will then begin the process of web design to make my blog seem less like a template. My last step will be reaching social media. I plan to create an Instagram and Twitter account for The Informed Artist. You can already find me on Pinterest by clicking here or at the "Follow Me" box in the right-hand column.

--The Informed Artist

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