Sunday, May 10, 2015

Updated: Where have I been?

Update: So in November I said I would have more posts coming soon, and well, that has not happened. However, my blog has not been forgotten!

I am beginning plans for a new design and have a craft post that needs to be written.

So with that said (or should that be "with that written"?), I am signing off to start re-inventing my blog.

--The Informed Artist


Today is the first time I have logged on since March. I feel really bad about abandoning my blog. So here is a shameless plug for my most recent Craft Break: DIY Hobbit Hole in a Jar.

I am going to make it a goal to get back to posting. But look for a re-design sometime in the coming weeks. I think the reason I abandoned my blog is because I set very lofty goals that I do not have the time to reach (being in college really does absorb a lot of time).

I will be posting some artwork, crafts, and photos!

If you have any suggestions for my new blog design, leave them below!

--The Informed Artist

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